First time I noticed this bug, I though I may had made a typo, but now I spot the same bug again.

enter image description here

As someone may edit out the bug, this is what it looks like in the editor pane. Notice the stray "schematic -->" about half way:

<!-- Begin schematic: In order to preserve an editable schematic, please
     don't edit this section directly.
     Click the "edit" link below the image in the preview instead. -->


<!-- End schematic -->

 schematic -->


R_{ab} = R_{an} + R_{bn} + \frac{ R_{an} × R_{bn} }{ R_{cn} }

Basic rules to calculate the equivalent resistance of a resistor circuit

I think it happens when you edit a circuit diagram in an article with multiple circuits.

At the same time part of the answer text vanishes, but I edited that back in again (2nd time too):

allel resistors: \$R_P = \frac{1}{\frac{1}{R_3}+\frac{1}{R_4}}\$


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