SE has this cool feature which allows you to link to specific comments etc.

The standard share button, everyone knows about and it looks like this.

enter image description here

You can also link comments like below by copying the link expressed here. The encircled text is a hyperlink that you can copy and paste.

enter image description here

Except that if you copy and paste that link while in the midst of a review session you get an incorrectly formatted link that leads to nowhere.

Here is the link for that comment from within a review session of "low quality posts"

and Here is a the proper link to that comment.

Printing the links out you can see where things go awry:




"Why does AT91SAM7X microcontroller have different instruction modes?"

As an aside: This is not to call attention to a particular post, just simply using it as an example.


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The code was assuming that comments were showing on the question page only.

I have amended the link to actually go to that page if not already on it.

Will be with you the next build (rev 2013.9.20.1027).

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks for the fast response! It was a minor irritation but the fix is appreciated. \$\endgroup\$ Sep 20, 2013 at 16:02

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