Okay, I'm curious if a question related to heat losses is on on topic here. It'd be better to show you what I was going to post than to explain it, so this is what it will be:

How is the heat lost in a peltier distributed?

I'm looking at peltier elements to heat my project. I seem to find that most are about 5% efficient, but how is the 95% turned into heat distributed?

Does the cold side get 47.5% and the warm side get 52.5% of the energy, or is it more complex depending on the difference between the temperatures?

My first thought is, "It should be OK since on EE they talk about heat losses ALL the time!" However, after thinking about this, it seems like it might be too much thermodynamics to be on EE. Is this on topic here or should I ask on another SE site?


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I think it should be fine. It looks more like a thermoelectric device behavior question and still "feels" related to electronics.


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