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I want to ask a quick question, and think a circuit diagram would make it a bit clearer, but I don't have any software for knocking one up, is there a recommended online tool I could use? It only needs a few simple symbols, it doesn't need to export (I could screen-shot it).

Then I can host the image on twitpic or similar, and include it in the body of my question.

Otherwise I'm going to draw it in paint!

PS - for this stack exchange site, it would be awesome to have a diagram tool built into the site, but if there is a free online tool, it might be worth reccomending it in the faq (just below where it says:)

"We feel the best Electronics Design questions have a schematic..."


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And you can export a link so that other people can play with it.


https://www.circuitlab.com/ might be helpful.

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    \$\begingroup\$ This page opened a pay wall after a while and asked me to register. Seems this service is not for free anymore. Bad: It is not very clear when the user starts to draw and looses the work after an hour (or so) without registration. \$\endgroup\$ – Jonas Stein Nov 14 '17 at 22:44

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