I understand that asking questions about the choice of consumer electronics are not allowed, and with good reason. Similarly, opinion based questions otherwise too are not allowed. I would like to know whether questions asking about the best simulation software and/or practice, related to the design of electronics (such as a C-E amplifier), or electrical devices (such as a dc-dc converter- electric motor setup) allowed?

I am in conflict as to whether to ask them as they involve some opinion-related answers (as some them are commercial products), while on the other hand knowing and using simulation tools is a valuable skill for electrical engineers/hobbyists/students etc., and therefore knowing what the best tool is for the purpose beforehand goes a long way.

I have seen this question What is the correct SE channel to ask about an electrical engineering SOFTWARE question?; however that question was related to the usage of a certain software, which usually does not bring opinionated answers; while I ask about questions regarding the choice of software tools, which has the possibility of strongly opinionated answers


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A opinion-based question might work in our EE.SE chat. The customs are more relaxed there.

"What software is best?" is such a common type of question that there is a separate stack for it: Software Recommendations SE. It was established for all kinds of software, rather than electrical engineering specifically.

Combined approach: post a question to Software Recommendations SE, then go to our EE.SE chat - or other SE chats where right kinds of expertise might hang out and post a link to the question there.


What you are proposing definitely sounds opinion-based, and therefore is not a good fit for this site. What software is best is pretty much always a bad question because so much of "best" depends on personal choices. And to make things worse, people often cling to their personal choices in a religious fashion. So not only do such questions end up being about opinions, they sometimes start holy wars.

Don't do it.


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