The Arduino tag wiki is a direct copy-paste of the text on http://www.arduino.cc/.

Because that text is ©Arduino, Arduino is one of the most-used tags, and the tag summary is far too verbose, would someone with more experience on Arduino than myself (never touched one in my life) mind suggesting a more original tag wiki which better follows the tag wiki guidelines:

The tag wiki excerpt is a brief plain text introduction to the topic that the tag represents. It is shown at the top of tag question lists, and as a tooltip wherever the tag appears. Complete this first!

The full tag wiki is a detailed introduction to the topic, suitable as a destination for those curious about it:

► what questions should have this tag?

► some basic definitions

► brief introduction to the subject

► important general links

► one reasonably sized page

Note that this should be done for all the tags, especially those on the first page or two. Copying information with attribution from another source is marginally acceptable for the brief introduction section of a tag wiki, but it is not sufficient.



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