The StackExchange app on my iPhone (6s) keeps prompting me to join meta - which clearly I already have.

meta bug

It prompts for this whenever I attempt and up/down vote or comment.

I have tried logging out, then back on.

I have also recently done a complete restore-to-factory-defaults on my phone1, and the issue persisted.

The bug appears to only exist for meta sites, not their corresponding main sites.

Is this a known issue? Or have any of you experienced and resolved this? It’s super annoying.

1The phone restore was done to clear my phone’s cache, not as an attempt to fix this issue - though I had hoped that it would.

  • \$\begingroup\$ This question would be much better suited for the main meta. In any case, I know that SE said they weren't maintaining the iOS and Android apps anymore, so I guess you just have to accept this bug or switch to using the website on mobile. \$\endgroup\$ – dim Mar 1 '20 at 6:08

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