They used to tell us who voted to close...

I had a question that I answered closed a couple of hours afterwards.
Here: Handheld oscilloscope for saving waveform in memory

While the OP did detail the kind of things he was looking, to me the question was what prohibited a low end scope from implementing a feature such as data logging (at a high resolution).

At no point did he ask for a scope to do it.

What he did ask was: "I wonder why I have found none with this capability, some difficulties with this approach?"

Not shopping in my mind... (Ok, maybe shopping, but the kind I feel belongs here, i.e. why is this feature expensive to include. In my mind you can learn from something like that.)


It's now only visible to the author, and those that have unlocked the close vote privilege.


So people don't retaliate, if you wan't to get a question reopend then edit the question and bring it up to the standards of the site, then nominate it for reopening.


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