I recently fixed the tags on a question about common source vs. common drain topologies, and I created since the question used that term. However, common drain is also known as a source follower, which already has a tag: . Since these terms are synonymous it seems obvious that these tags should be synonyms.

Similarly, we already have and even though these are the same topology.

However, there are a couple of questions about how we'd want to handle these synonyms:

  1. Which tags should be the masters? Both and are more common (no pun intended), though and match the names of the tags for common source, common emitter, etc.
  2. Should each pair of tags be merged or merely synonyms? The differences between merged tags and tag synonyms are explained on main meta, but in short merging the tags would mean that all questions would be retagged with the master tag whereas if they are synonyms then some questions will be tagged with one synonym (e.g. ) and others with the other synonym (e.g. ), likely using whatever term is in the question.

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