We had a tag called "mesh" but it had no tag wiki. I reviewed all 80 questions it was on and found that 75 of them referred to mesh analysis. Consequently, I removed "mesh" from the 5 questions that were not about mesh analysis, renamed the tag to , and added a tag wiki.

Since users who type "mesh" in the list of tags almost always use it in the context of mesh analysis, should we make "mesh" a synonym of so that the question would be automatically tagged correctly in those cases? On the other hand, it's possible that someone might be referring to "mesh" in a different context as in the 5 questions from which I removed "mesh".

Of the 5 questions which were tagged with "mesh" but were not about mesh analysis, 3 were about mesh networking:

and 2 were about mesh wires:

Should new "mesh-network" (or "mesh-networking") and/or "mesh-wire" tags be created and added to these questions, or are they not necessary? If we decide not to create any of these new tags then it would definitely make sense to make "mesh" a synonym of since only mesh analysis questions would require a tag with "mesh" in the name.


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There has been no response other than a positive score to the question so I've made "mesh" a synonym of . I have not created any other tags.


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