In researching to respond to a question, I tried to find the site tour and couldn't find it. Is it gone? I hope not -- it was a good resource, even for experienced users.

Update: Found it here: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/tour -- but it really belongs in the drop down help list.


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The tour is now back in the top bar drop-down menu.

See the earlier version of my answer below, where SE said this was an unintentional change which they were fixing. It has now been fixed (at least on our site).

As dim kindly commented, this has been recognised as a regression on Meta.SE:

"The tour link has disappeared from the help menu in the top bar"

I'll make that information more visible by posting it as this answer.

The SE staff member (actually VP) Philippe said on that page:

This was an unintentional regression. We're working on getting a fix pushed out right now. Will update when completed.

Here's a screenshot of that Meta.SE page currently (click for the full size version):



You're right, it's not where it used to be (Help center and other resources):

enter image description here

You can (still) find it in the footer:

enter image description here


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