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upvotes tally is not reflected in actual tally in vote summary tab

On Characteristic impedance of a BNC jack to jack adapter (that I answered with acceptance from the op) I should have 45 points but, the pull-down vote summary only reflects 30 points: - There are no ...
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Accepting an answer based on the reputation of its sender/poster

First of all, if this is already asked or mentioned somewhere in EE.SE Meta please forgive me, and notify me with the original link so that I can delete this. This is one really strange and, sort of ...
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Where did accept rate go?

I used to always see my accept rate when I asked a question. Did this feature get removed or is it just not used when a certain reputation is reached?
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Flaw when merging questions

This question was merged with this one. My answer to the first was the asker's accepted. But after the merge the accept has been undone; most likely because it's another person's question. An ...
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accepted answers with many downvotes

This question has an accepted answer with currently 5 downvotes, so it looks that it's not a good answer after all. How can we encourage the asker to reconsider this accept?
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Filter out questions with long-accepted answers?

For some reason, people have been dredging up old questions where a answer was accpeted long ago, and adding some tidbit. The ancient question now pops to the top of the list since it was recently ...
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Appropriate reaction to accepted answers containing inaccurate information?

I just posted a comment to Interfacing microcontroller and mains via a relay. The accepted answer makes inaccurate (and imo possibly dangerous) claims. Should/Could I do anything more than insert a ...
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