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Handling users who persistently try to use EESE as a blog or discussion forum

Stack Exchange sites are founded on the principle of being distinct from the rest of the Internet by trying to do one thing, and do it well. That one thing is to provide specific answers to specific ...
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What do we do about a deeply wrong answer to a homework question?

A multiple choice homework question is posted, of which only two answer choices fit even the most obvious requirements, and it is then a simple matter to figure out which actually matches the problem ...
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May comments be used to answer old unanswered questions?

There are many comments that solve the problem, but the question has no answer. If the comment could make a answer is it ok to make an answer out of it to get rid of old unanswered questions? A heat ...
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Should 'I think' answers be allowed?

I came across this meta question asking about the quality of the answers on one of the questions on the main site. After looking through the answers to THIS question I also noticed most of the answers ...
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Should we do anything with this multi-part answer?

A recent question has an answer that doesn't sit right with me: It consists of four completely different answers cut from a reddit thread about ...
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Self-answer as an edit within the question

In this specific question: Gigabit Ethernet switch unused RGMII/MII/RMII interface, the OP gave an answer to its own question within the question itself, as an edit. If it was a partial answer, I don'...
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Does this community have an official stance on entire paragraphs of an answer devoted to berating the asker?

The answerer to a certain question had this to say when the questioner edited his question to make some clarifications; The above was written in response to the original question, which made no ...
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What about adding info from other answers in to my own answer?

If person A gives an answer, and then person B gives a different answer, is it okay for person A to edit their own answer and add a summary/condensed version of person B's answer? Example: Person A: ...
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Question about question links

Does the community encourage providing links to other questions in your answers?The purpose would be to back up the statements you make,but the answer would be in a way segmented,so it doesn't stand ...
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8 answers

Why do people answer in comments?

I often see people answering questions in the comments section, when it should be used only for clarifications and similar stuff. Those answers are often good enough to solve the asker's problem (...
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3 answers

What to do with wrong accepted answers on old posts?

More specifically, I'm talking about this answer: How efficient is a capacitive power supply? (the second part of the answer, which is, I think, essential). Despite the comments people have made on ...
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Answering an old question that has an accepted answer

Is there an accepted way of answering an old (3 years) question that has an accepted answer that I think is incorrect or giving misinformation? Are comments to the answer the way?
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Asking questions that you will eventually self-answer

I'm working on a project that is relatively ambitious for my experience level, and so I've lately been asking many design questions, and gotten helpful answers to them. Now, as this is a project that ...
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2 answers

Do I need to include a target-audience disclaimer in this disputed answer?

Context Yesterday I posted this answer, to this question on the development of LED illumination as an industrial product. Possibly relevant is that my answer initially contained mention of, and ...
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4 answers

Is encouragement of bad questions tolerable?

While there is a lot of talk about bad questions and how the reduce SNR and what we could do about people not asking bad questions lately, I was wondering about the role of answers in this game. ...
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Can I ask About Blynk in Electrical Engineering

Can I ask questions related to Blynk in Electrical Engineering? Blynk is an App that allows comunication between A Phone,Tablet and etc. with Microcontrollers such as Arduinos.
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What is the acceptable level of hostility towards questions?

I have realized a not so uncommon behavior in the EE StackExchange where a person asking a question is generally responded to in a hostile, passive aggressive or bluntly aggressive manner. The person ...
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Splitting own muliple-solution answer

Until now I strongly believed the current best-practice for answering a question were: "one answer per question per person" and if you had a different solution to what you originally wrote, I thought, ...
20 votes
3 answers

Where do we stand with users asking for monetary incentives before providing an answer / idea?

If you take a look at the comments** on this question: Replacing a Switch and Avoiding body diode conduction. You will see that someone has mentioned being paid for their answer and I was just curious ...
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2 answers

What is the right amount of information in an answer?

There have been times when I answer a question, in some cases, I'll be urged, by some commenter, that I haven't provided enough information or I should include something else. In other cases, I'll ...
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Stopping an answer being edited and approved

A few minutes ago I had to remove superfluous and pointless rubbish from an answer I had given. The answer modifications had been approved (obviously not by me) and so I ask the question: - Is it ...
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Users with little reputation supplying poor answers [duplicate]

Maybe it's just me, but over the last few days, I've been noticing a lot of users with anywhere from 1-10 reputation answering questions with terrible answers. Some of them almost seem like a poorly ...
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Many new user accounts+answers+suspensions and protected questions

I apologize if thise has been discussed before, but I didn't see anything. There has been a rash of new user acounts answering questions, and an equal (rush) to protect them 2.1 sound system noise ...
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How should we deal with easy syntax-error questions?

Perhaps this is a duplicate, and I know this has been discussed on SO.meta, but I wanted to bring this up in the EE meta context: Today we got several (to my mind) low-quality posts having to do with ...
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Policy on answers only containing a link

What about answers consisting (almost) only of a link to an external website? - or - 'How do I answer' section for the faq Generally, this link from the WordPress SE says that answers just linking to ...
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3 answers

Notification for edited question

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that when a question is edited, no notification is sent to who has answered before that. Since the edit can change the answer needed, shouldn't be implemented this ...
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How to choose between answer or comment?

I tried to search for this in the FAQ and in other questions, but my doubt remains. Opening this question, but happens quite frequently, I've seen that sometimes are posted comments containing what ...
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2 answers

Can't get rid of partially entered answer

I was answering a question with 0 answers at the time, and while still in the middle of typing my answer, I got a notification that someone else had also answered the question. I clicked on the ...
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Is there any policy on dangerous answers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: What is our policy on dangerous stuff? Related: Appropriate reaction to accepted answers containing inaccurate information? Should answers that offer medically ...
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