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For questions concerning proposals for other sites on Area 51, the Stack Exchange Network staging zone where experts come together to build new Q&A sites. Area 51 has its own discussion site which acts as its own meta site – but for some discussions about proposals related to electrical engineering, this site might be a more appropriate place.

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Circuit Golf: Puzzle page for Electrical Engineers?

So I find the page Code Golf quite interesting and fun. I'm in IT but also like and know some EE stuff. I'm just wondering, how many people here would like a "Circuit Golf" page, one where EE people ...
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Another robotics proposal on Area51

Hey, I was just visiting Area51 when I noticed that there's yet another proposal for a robotics stackexchange getting started: Robotics research It's been marked as a dupe of E&R, but this ...
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What about Electronics and Robotics in Area51?

There's another similar website in Area51 called Electronics and Robotics for with a purpose similar to ChipHacker's. What kind of questions are on Chiphacker? From the FAQ, "Electronics & ...