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What more can I do to fix this question?

I asked this question about replacing a Darlington transistor in a power amplifier with something else. It was closed with the reason: Questions seeking recommendations for specific products or ...
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I want to combine two analogue video signals. Is this the right place to ask how?

I have two RGB video outputs that I want to combine simply by merging the signals, is the EE forum the correct place to ask about this? The pinouts of the RGB connector is: Red Green Blue Sync 0V +5V ...
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Circuit editor missing from Ask Question page?

Have we lost the Circuitlab circuit editor feature? I started asking a question this morning, and the button appears to be missing from the editor. Maybe it is down for maintenance or such?
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Why am I getting a "You've reached your question limit. [...] you might need a break" message, when my questions have been well-received?

I went to ask a new question on the main EE site, but SE gave me the standard warning, "You have reached your question limit. It looks like you might need a break - take a breather and come back ...
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Looking for ICs; can I ask here?

I am looking for an IC with a very specific set of requirements; can I ask about it here? Technically it's a product recommendation question and, while I don't know this site well, I'm just assuming ...
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Canonical parts-shortage question?

Update: this question is now posted. Parts shortage, no stock, what now? (canonical reference question) inspired by Source microcontrollers in this difficult times Questions about where to buy parts ...
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Are problems regarding headphones off-topic?

So I found this Stack Exchange site and I have problems with the left earbud of my wired headphones, and after overdoing such instructions here, I decided to ask about my problem with my earphones so ...
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Looking for an actuator: is tolerated here?

I'm going to ask a question where I describe my application and write some features I would like from an actuator. My question is about which kind of technology might fit the application - I'm not ...
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Would it be on topic to ask for a comparison of common wire insulation materials and their relative merits?

After seeing this question, I got to thinking about how I am not aware of any resources on selecting wire insulation materials here, and I feel like that might be a good resource to have on EE.SE. ...
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Where is question about pairing headphone to TV on topic?

I am having a problem pairing a beats headphone with my Samsung TV. It worked a couple of months ago, I lent them to my son who used them with different devices and now the TV doesn't see them. No ...
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Can I ask this in the EE parent site?

Is this a valid question for the EE exchange? “I’m an EE student who’s minoring in math and am curious about what upper division math classes will be beneficial to me in the industry and/or graduate ...
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Can you help me to improve my question?

I am trying to understand why my question has been closed as too broad. My question was: Is only a firmware limitation the fact that some camera can't store photo in RAW format? I did, of course,...
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Can we have a question entry wizard like Stack Overflow?

If I had to guess, I'd say we're a SE site that gets comparatively many questions that get marked as off-topic, mainly in the category of "shopping questions" and "usage questions". From a comment of ...
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Where to ask discussion / advice questions?

I've recently asked a question on EE.SE about setting up a home electronics lab which has been closed for being too broad. Original Question The default explanation that I've seen for removing these ...
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Can I ask about product requirements on European Standards?

I am a novice engineer with the task of making CE marked products. Unfortunately I am being lost in directives and often I don't understand which standards and directives apply to my product. I want ...
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Request to reopen. Peer-pressure or peer-review?

I was one of the ones who voted to close this question: Could single-line-power-transmission be used for a space elevator's climber as, at the time it was made, the actual question was not very clear ...
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Is it absurd to downvote questions that don't provide important details or circuit diagrams?

We can all imagine questions about circuits that don't require a schematic. But what about examples such as: "I have a 12V circuit that pulses a buzzer, but it is too quiet. What can I do do make it ...
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Minimum badge requirement?

There have been a lot of poor questions here by people who have zero badges (there is no point linking questions as they are not difficult to find). 9 times out of 10, a question by a person with no ...
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Component Identification Question Guidelines

Following this poll, the EE.SE community has determined that component identification questions should be allowed, though we need some better guidelines. This post contains guidelines on how to ask a ...
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How is it best to go about asking a potentially massive series of questions?

I'm working on a few projects I've fiddled with for years, and I'm starting to get to the level where I can actually build something quite nice I think for at least a few of them. Obviously people ...
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Are questions about Solidworks Electrical welcome here?

If I have a question about features of Solidworks Electrical, specifically about it's features to draw schematics for power electronics, would they be welcome here? A possible alternative would be ...
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Asking if a device exists in industry or how to build?

I need an electronic device. Can I define what I want and ask if any possibility to do one.
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How could be best set up a help feature for repairs in Africa?

Ooops: I just got my last question blocked for being off-topic. I am sorry, I had not realized that this exchange is only meant for design of electrical stuff, not for installation, operating nor ...
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Can I ask this kind of question on main site?

I have a question related to how much heat is released by a given motherboard (say a macbook pro late 2011 motherboard) and then how much air of 'x' degrees celsius can be passed over it at a rate of ...
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Where does µC programming belong?

I have some questions about µC and DSP programming but I don't know where these kind of question belong? Pure programming question belong to "stackoverflow" forum but DSP and µC are related to "...
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Questions about state of the art in a certain area?

I recently had a question marked as off topic about what the smallest microcontrollers are. I get that people are probably looking at it as "a shopping or buying recommendation". However, this (and ...
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Are questions about cables, connectors, plugs, adapters and powering solutions on-topic here?

I'd like to ask a serie of questions about power supplies, power solutions and other similar (as mentioned in title). For example: How can power microUSB-equipped device directly from car electrical ...
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Does the site benefit from "identify this part" questions?

EE.SE has quite a few questions asking to identify unknown parts, usually ICs. These are quite rare, so I cannot say I'm annoyed by them. Yet every time I see one, I come to to think whether they are ...
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Is there any way to revoke an outdated question, when my need is somewhat similar? Or do I have to create a new one?

I have a question similar to this . It's nearly 5 years old.Is there a way to re-ask this question? Or Can I ask a question Similar to that without getting down voted? Coz, I posted a question like ...
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Reasking a question with modified conditions

I asked a question about the mounting of an electronic part (this). Now my requirements for the mounting changed a bit, but the device stayed the same. Should I change the question itself, or just ...
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Did I produce a broken question?

I wrote a question: How is a one-hot code called, if zero is acepted, too?, which is listed on EE.SE, but I can't open it. As I clicked submit in the Android app, ...
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Can I ask About Blynk in Electrical Engineering

Can I ask questions related to Blynk in Electrical Engineering? Blynk is an App that allows comunication between A Phone,Tablet and etc. with Microcontrollers such as Arduinos.
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HDL and the EE board

Question... Where to draw the line with regards to HDL on EE.SE? This is akin to Arduino questions that appear on EE.SE where most are migrated but some aren't. VHDL & Verilog are used to ...
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Asked question, then had a related new question

I have asked a question and received some comments and an answer. Having solved the original problem, I now have another question related to the same circuit. Should I ask a new question or edit the ...
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What qualifies as "research effort"?

My brushless cordless drill question was put on hold due to "insufficient research". This baffles me, because I took the following steps: presented my situation stated the facts that I'm trying to ...
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Is a question asking for specific power consumption okay?

I need to find the power consumption of the screen and signal amplifier in a sat nav. It can be any sat nav. It is for course work, but I'm not expected to "test" this myself, i.e. using a multi-...
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Is asking several sub-questions in one question permissible?

It's a fairly straightforward question. Instead of opening, say, 5 questions for a very similar topic, is it permissible to ask multiple questions in a single question? Not only is this helpful for ...
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Feature request - auto suggest addition of schematic to OP when not included [duplicate]

I hope this won't be received badly. I was wondering if a feature for the questions pertaining to circuit problems and debugging. What I noticed is a lot of questions asking for help with a circuit ...
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Are questions about cell phone CPUs on-topic here?

I would like to ask a question about the available selection of cell phone CPUs (systems-on-a-chip). Would it be on-topic on Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange?
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How can we improve the manner in which "poor" questions are dealt with?

First time posters often ask questions which fall below site standards, or outside site guidelines, or (importantly) which are perceived to by some group members. I suggest that the present means ...
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Would a multimeter checklist/guideline question be considered too broad?

My Voltcraft 4095 multimeter is crumbling, so I was wondering which one to buy as a replacement. It has quite some things that it can measure, but although I used all but one of them in the past ...
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Where to ask certain questions

I have recently been informed that is frowned upon to ask if anyone knows a part that would work in your circuit. What I need, is a part. I have done digging, I can't find what I'm looking for. Since ...
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Don't my questions belong to this site?

I recently had most of my questions closed, down-voted, or put on hold, so I'm asking. Don't my questions really belong here in EE SE? Below are samples What are the components I need for assembling ...
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How to ask a question?

I asked a question: Explanation of transistor amplifying action. I wrote my question very specifically by highlighting the main points which I do not understand but even I have not got any useful ...
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Doubt in Off-Topic Question

I would like to know why this question Sniffing for iPhones was closed and this other question How many GPS channels make sense? my flag was declined. The two question is really good question, I ...
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Can I ask the following question on this site?

Arduino.Se is closed, and unfortunately for me, I only trust SE users. The last time i asked on this site, my question was stupid or dump or does not belong here, to say the least. I have another ...
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Unable to ask a question

I don't know how but I am not able to ask a question. It shows that we are no longer accepting questions from this account. What should I have to do so that I can again ask my questions in forum??
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How are answers sorted when posted?

I found a funny behavior. When I post an answer, it isn't always last, despite earlier answers before me. Is the sorting not chronological? Is reputation a part of the ordering?
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Practical assembly questions (and especially high power)

This is a two-part question about on-or-off-topic things. Are questions relating to the actual assembly of an electronic circuit, as opposed to its theoretical design, on-topic? For instance, ...
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Where's the proper home for LabVIEW questions?

I could imagine asking a LabVIEW question (and believe me, I will be throughout the summer) and I want to post it in a place where it: Won't get downvoted and closed immediately, and get well-...
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