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2 answers

MathJax in chat

I am always reluctant to move comments to chat, if they contain MathJax, because the chat interface doesn't support it. All math expressions are displayed as plain text, with the \$ delimiters, and no ...
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How to open linked Chat about question manually?

In a recent question, jonk and I had an extended discussion in the comments and we realized that this would be better suited to the chatroom feature. But we didn't know how to open such a room. To be ...
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Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat?

That's what I often get prompted with once I'm into my half-dozenth comment. But when I click the link, I'm told the attempt to move it failed. So I carry on writing comments. How does one 'move a ...
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2 answers

How long are chats retained?

How long do chats kept for? Are they kept forever? I'm particularly interested in chats that are created as a result of the suggestion after a long string of comments for a question, where it says, "...
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2 answers

Chat for new (under 20 rep) users

This issue has been discussed before on meta.SO, however, I think it needs revisiting. Originally, the idea of disallowing new users to chat was in order to prevent SPAM and also to make sure that the ...
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2 answers

Wikipedia preview and https

I noticed today that on chat a link only previews when using a non-secure version like: rather than: This is what ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to "close" a chat room

5 days ago, as an experiment, I clicked on the link that appeared on a comment thread (the one that says "let us continue this discussion in chat"). The system created a chat room for the thread, ...
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1 answer

Chat creates an improper link when there is a ")" in the URL

In chat, someone tried to post a link to wolfram alpha. Specifically*(10%2F(60%20Hz))%2F(3.3%20V)%3D The link showed up in chat like so: ...
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2 votes
1 answer

"Please log in to any StackExchange site first"

When I want to go to chat I get this message at the top of the screen, while I'm logged on on at least 5 Firefox tabs! If I remove the message and click on login ...
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