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For questions about the schematic editor and circuit simulator CircuitLab as it is used on Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange.

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Circuit editor missing from Ask Question page?

Have we lost the Circuitlab circuit editor feature? I started asking a question this morning, and the button appears to be missing from the editor. Maybe it is down for maintenance or such?
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Is there a problem with CircuitLab "Save and Insert" today?

Is anyone else having trouble with CircuitLab for the last 24 hours? I can't save any schematics. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10 but checked with FF and Edge. I thought yesterday's maintenance ...
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Remove the default Opamp type from schematic editor

When adding an Opamp to a circuit, you'll get a TL081: That's not a sane default. A sane default for most questions, that wind around "theoretical" opamps would be "no type"; anything else will just ...
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Please stop the account-bait with circuitlab

I wanted to draw a circuit and export it to a PDF for a university project. I found out about them by a link on this site. When I tried to print, it says You must save your circuit before exporting....
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Circuit image resolution is poor

In the circuit I just posted here: RS485 termination: AC + failsafe + parallel + bidirectional It's fairly wide. The thumbnail shown in the question is low-res and blurry, which isn't the end of the ...
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CircuitLab touch capability?

Since I've only accessed SE from my mobile devices for the last month now, I've begun noticing some interesting erm "characteristics" of the CircuitLab links on this site. If browsing with "Request ...
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CircuitLab "simulate this circuit" bug

In my answer to a question, I included a CircuitLab circuit that can be simulated to demonstrate the principle being discussed. When I edit the answer and the embedded schematic, everything works ...
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3 answers

CircuitLab schematic integration: we still get huge diagrams after 3 years, any news or workarounds?

When embedding a CircuitLab schematic the schematic is scaled to a constant width regardless of the complexity of the diagram. This causes questions and answers with multiple schematics to become ...
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CircuitLab + IE

Ok, so CircuitLab - the thing that we draw the circuits in for EE.SE posts - works perfectly well on IE11, and to be honest probably on other versions as well. So can you please remove the really ...
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2 answers

Use subscripts in labels in schematic added from Circuitlab

I need the components in my circuits to be labelled using sub-scripts like \$R_1,\ R_2,\ Z_{in}, V_{DS},\$ etc., Is there any way to do so?
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CircuitLab plugin doesn't load for me in latest Firefox

Out of curiousity I clicked on the circuitlab (Ctrl-M) in a post to play with it, but it doesn't work for me. (Up to date Firefox, 20.0.1) When I click it my screen flashes white for a second with a ...
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Is there an easy way to add an already existing CircuitLab schematic into the post?

I was looking at this question which had a horrible image of the schematic. OP later added a CircuitLab schematic and it seemed to me that the best way to improve the question would be to embed it ...
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Automatic resizing of CircuitLab schematics [duplicate]

I totally love the CircuitLab plug in, I really do. But this behavior is ... let's call it 'noteworthy'. Look at the circuit diagrams for series and parallel resistors, they're huge. Basic rules to ...
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Why is the CircuitLab tool privileged?

Recently, the CircuitLab tool was added. This tool is privileged so that only people with 11 reputation can post images. I understand the idea of privileges: Because we allow participation from ...
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Smaller CircuitLab schematics

If it's up to me, the CircuitLab schematics can be somewhat smaller. See this example: What is the purpose of R2 in this discrete voltage regulator circuit?. I tried earlier to make a small circuit ...
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