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Why is this arithmetic question considered opinion based?

What’s the fastest known Koblit’z curve addition or substraction law for fpga that maximizes the per lut throughput? I’m not asking how to implement it, but how adding or substracting 2 points on an ...
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Isn't it an insult to contributors to close answered questions?

There are many questions on this forum that have been commented on and answered, only later to be voted "on hold" and then subsequently closed. Reasons for holding are irrelevant. The issue is that ...
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Close as duplicate *after* I voted to close before question was edited

I'm aware the title is rather unclear. Couldn't manage to formulate it correctly. I actually found this question: Half Bridge with dual powre supply and two N-channel Mosfets? is similar to this ...
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Migration Guidelines Re: Arduinos

With Arduino.SE entering public beta, I think it's an appropriate time to talk about general migration policy, and a few general comments. Questions should not be closed just because they have an ...
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Not all close reasons that have been voted on appear in the banner

When I reviewed this, there was one vote for "unclear what you're asking" and one vote for "off topic because ... Questions on the use of electronic devices are off-topic as this site is intended ...
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