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Should we make it mandatory to explain close comments?

I've recently seen several posts with close votes without any comment indicating the author what the problem is. If the author doesn't have enough reputation to view close votes, he gets no feedback ...
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MathJax in chat

I am always reluctant to move comments to chat, if they contain MathJax, because the chat interface doesn't support it. All math expressions are displayed as plain text, with the \$ delimiters, and no ...
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Can I answer my question with a comment screenshot?

I posted a question about a CPU transistor and finally a member has answered it, but in the comment section. I asked him to put that in an answer so that every one can benefit from the information, ...
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Comments edited regarding safety? [closed]

In, DC-DC boost converter theory / principle / testing, I had a comment about something OP mentioned that I found concerning, regarding operating with a live battery; at least, I think I did?! But ...
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Maybe I'm two more deleted comments closer to a suspension

I thought I may not have left a comment under a question when asked by the OP if I had a mathematical solution. So, I repeated the comment with an "@" directing it to the OP should I have ...
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Why did I receive a 10 day suspension for what I believe is a perfectly valid comment with no ill-intent whatsoever?

I was suspended for 10 days beginning March 31st at just after 2pm. My 10-day suspension ended a few hours ago. The alleged basis for my suspension was that I made the following comment under this ...
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Can overaggressive, unproductive, targeted negative commenting here be unproductive? Did it happen on my question? Can it be reduced?

For years I'd sensed an edgy, unfriendly arrogance from occasional interactions with some users here in Electronics SE that I don't experience in any other science and engineering SE site, along the ...
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May comments be used to answer old unanswered questions?

There are many comments that solve the problem, but the question has no answer. If the comment could make a answer is it ok to make an answer out of it to get rid of old unanswered questions? A heat ...
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Why were these comment not unfriendly or unkind or rude or condescending and flags rejected?

How are some of the comments on What to expect from that alternator not rude, unfriendly or unkind per the new code of conduct Why were the flags on them ...
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Should I delete comments making suggestions to improve questions when OP applies them?

I think all of us will make comments on questions suggesting improvements - be it in the form of "Add a schematic" or whatever. Sometimes this list becomes long after a while as people make small ...
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MCU pushers, the lot of ya! [closed]

I see so many questions, including some of mine, in which a particular implementation is described and help is requested. And, without fail, the team of MCU pushers comes around and strikes down ...
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Why do we allow "i'm voting to close because [x]" in the comments?

It seems like this only supports mob mentality, where many other users will simply follow one because the first one said so. If a question was truly bad, users would flag it without the 'reminder ...
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8 answers

Why do people answer in comments?

I often see people answering questions in the comments section, when it should be used only for clarifications and similar stuff. Those answers are often good enough to solve the asker's problem (...
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users below 50 rep can still comment OP

I noticed that although when I directly click "comment" under someone else's question I get reminded that my reputation is not high enough yet, if I answer a very short answer it gets converted as a ...
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Missing/deleted comments

This answer: had a lot of comments associated with it and now all but one are gone. Anybody know why? Or how?
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What is the acceptable level of hostility towards questions?

I have realized a not so uncommon behavior in the EE StackExchange where a person asking a question is generally responded to in a hostile, passive aggressive or bluntly aggressive manner. The person ...
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Comment formatting

I noticed that newlines are not allowed in the comments. I find that in many cases (esp questions involving code) newlines would be nice. Does anyone feel this way? If yes will the site templates ...
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2 answers

Can new users edit their migrated questions?

This recent question was migrated here (correctly) from the CS Stack Exchange. The author of the question posted this answer (because they cannot comment): Whoever moved this question also disabled ...
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My rude/offensive flags on insulting comments were declined

A new user asked a question, found out the answer, and took the time and effort to inform us about that and even make his solution clear with a diagram: Arduino IR Receiver (Answer). Now, he used ...
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Link in comment not displayed/parsed correctly

I just wrote a comment to an answer and wanted to include a formatted link, but the result was completely broken. The link was formatted 100% according to documentation: Can you fix this?
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Where do we stand with users asking for monetary incentives before providing an answer / idea?

If you take a look at the comments** on this question: Replacing a Switch and Avoiding body diode conduction. You will see that someone has mentioned being paid for their answer and I was just curious ...
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Can we have comment templates?

This question is inspired from this post: Text building blocks in TeX.SX. Can EE.SE have similar comment templates?
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What should we do with comments that just rephrase the post?

I'm looking at for example the second comment on Who receives the value returned by main()?. The commenter simply says the same as Dave in the answer, with the only addition that C wasn't meant for OS-...
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1 answer

How can I mark a comment as the right answer?

I have obtained an answer to my question which is in the comment. How can I mark it as the answer. Please visit exchangelink WoutervanOoijen has given the correct answer to my question and I want to ...
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Deletion of on-topic comments?

I recently had a interesting discussion with a user regarding his particular heatsinking issues attached to an answer I gave here. However, since then, Kortuk♦ has come by and stated: @FakeName ...
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Disappeared comments

There was a few (I last remembered at least 5) comments on the question I posted, suddenly disappeared and only left with mine. At least 2 user posted the comments. I seriously doubt they deleted all ...
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How to choose between answer or comment?

I tried to search for this in the FAQ and in other questions, but my doubt remains. Opening this question, but happens quite frequently, I've seen that sometimes are posted comments containing what ...
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Can only comment once every 5 seconds error appears even when a comment wasn't posted

When you are typing a new comment or editing an existing comment, if you @lert 2 people you get the warning saying you can only @lert 1 person. This is of course by design. However, if you remove the ...
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Why do dollar signs trigger MathJax [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: TeX Delimiters should be changed I was looking at an old question of mine and discovered that the MathJax screws with a few of my comments: for instance, the comment on this ...
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How can I use a URL in a comment?

I want just the text to show up as a link, no URL. I've tried the basic HTML <a href="">Check out this new website I found</a> but it ...
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