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8 answers

Why do people answer in comments?

I often see people answering questions in the comments section, when it should be used only for clarifications and similar stuff. Those answers are often good enough to solve the asker's problem (...
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61 votes
8 answers

My rude/offensive flags on insulting comments were declined

A new user asked a question, found out the answer, and took the time and effort to inform us about that and even make his solution clear with a diagram: Arduino IR Receiver (Answer). Now, he used ...
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13 votes
5 answers

What is the acceptable level of hostility towards questions?

I have realized a not so uncommon behavior in the EE StackExchange where a person asking a question is generally responded to in a hostile, passive aggressive or bluntly aggressive manner. The person ...
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2 answers

Can we have comment templates?

This question is inspired from this post: Text building blocks in TeX.SX. Can EE.SE have similar comment templates?
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1 answer

May comments be used to answer old unanswered questions?

There are many comments that solve the problem, but the question has no answer. If the comment could make a answer is it ok to make an answer out of it to get rid of old unanswered questions? A heat ...
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