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Stop migrating Arduino questions if there's a significant portion of electronics

I have taken a look at the list of recently migrated Arduino questions. I thought we had reached the consensus that questions regarding Arduino that involve a good deal of electronics are fine on this ...
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19 votes
4 answers

Can we stop the random migrating?

Two fine questions were migrated today: arduino - millis() - migrated to Arduino.SE but on topic according to Are pure C questions on-topic?. The underlying problem is a problem present with any C ...
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6 votes
4 answers

What about a terminology reference question?

Inspired by this meta question, where acceptable abbreviations are discussed, and the existence of this reference on bicycles.SE, I thought: would it make sense to create a similar CW question where ...
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Does this question seem to fit?

There is a question on the main page that I do not think fits our site, but no one has voted to close. What is everyone's opinion on this?
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Selection of Logo

Okay, I'm gonna bring it up... This community should select a logo, its part of the essential meta questions. So I propose we put ideas/examples for logos here, and vote for the one we want.
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