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How can I search for an old answer of mine when the question is seemingly deleted?

"You don't need to know everything. You merely need to know where to look it up." Often a time, when trying to remember a specific solution to a problem, I don't remember the solution ...
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What might be the reason this question was deleted by a moderator?

This question has been deleted by a moderator but there is no clear indication why this deletion was made as far as I can see: - What might be the reason for this deletion given that there were two ...
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Circumventing closure of questions

After some time with the "3 votes to close" working it seems that, overall, this improved the signal to noise ratio. Non-salvageable questions, do-my-homework requests and "let me ...
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User vandalising (but not deleting) his/her own questions. What to do?

This user has been vandalising (but not deleting) his/her own questions. He/she has edited the questions, wiped out the title and all the text, and replaced it with "deleted question". Is there any ...
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Feature-request- Some user-selectable categories for better filter, as-well stack-overflow

This website, evaluates question only on the basis-of public-votes, where the asker do-not have any right to put any evaluation to own question. But there is need for judging the question also from ...
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Reputation change for removed questions

Since I havn't experienced this, I want to ask it beforehand. If a question receives a number of down votes causing the asker to lose reputation, and then is deleted, will the reputation be restored ...
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How could I improve these questions?

I have already asked several question that I got down-vote for those. look: What are these components? Need to a good source for know electronic component (for newbies) Can i calculate the parasitic ...
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closed question - I don't think that working off a circuit schmatic and eagle's the same.

I hope its the right place to ask, but i'd like to dispute the closing of one of my questions -...
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