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Change the font of the site

For some reason, Electrical Engineering has a different font compared to the other SO sites. It appears to be Times New Roman or something similar: a font suitable for letters, books and fiction. Is ...
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About Me box on user page not in the right place

What's with the formatting of the top of our user pages? It used to be, the "About Me" box (with sort of a light yellow background) was at the top right of the page, directly across from the user's ...
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Clicked link more visible than unclicked one

This is a snapshot of my review page, and the top one is a clicked link while the bottom one is unclicked. You can see how the unclicked one is brighter (probably in line with the color scheme), ...
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It appears there might be a bug in the rendering of the election pages

For example the "Nominations close in 6 days" line overlaps with part of the lines above: And the same problem is on this page too: I'm using Google Chrome on Ubuntu 16.04, but with the ...
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Newsletter ad is still using old logo

The newsletter ad for this site appears to be still using the old logo: Now that I look at it, the newsletter itself is also using the old design.
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Default font - issues with Verdana

Windows 7, Firefox, 100 DPI display. I see the body text on EE.SE pages rendered in Verdana font. I can tell this because of the notorious bug in this font, namely broken kernings in particular sizes. ...
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