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Close as duplicate *after* I voted to close before question was edited

I'm aware the title is rather unclear. Couldn't manage to formulate it correctly. I actually found this question: Half Bridge with dual powre supply and two N-channel Mosfets? is similar to this ...
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Closed duplicates that may need some moderator attention

There's a process called the Roomba that automatically deletes posts that meet certain criteria. Because duplicates often help others locate answers to the same question they are excluded, however a ...
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What to do with these seemingly contradictional answers to two questions?

While looking around for identifying some components on, I stumbled over the following two questions: Identifying a resistor with implausible or impossible color bands Identifying this resistor/...
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Original question, but the OP was looking for something else: how to deal?

This question is about current multiplier/divider ICs The OP asks if there are existing ICs that can be used to mirror a current with a fixed ratio, different than 1:1. In the comments to Steven's ...
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Canonical "Software developer wanting to learn electronics" question

Stack Overflow has almost 1 million users. We've only got a few thousand. Stack Overflow has almost 3 million questions, we only have about 7,500. As a result of this disparity, a large number of ...