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Many questions about reputation aren't specific to the electronics site. Ask on instead. But search there first; the question may have already been asked and answered. Here are questions that are specific to this site.

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A codeblock after a list doesn't render correctly

Perhaps this is a known issue. You can't put a codeblock directly after a list, even separated with line breaks. It came up in this question, where I finally just added a colon between the list and ...
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How to adjust image size in stack post?

If a good-quality image uploaded, it fully expands throughout screen, and interferes reading. Where-as , if I upload a highly compressed version of the image, to fit the size, the necessary details ...
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Comment formatting

I noticed that newlines are not allowed in the comments. I find that in many cases (esp questions involving code) newlines would be nice. Does anyone feel this way? If yes will the site templates ...
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Preview and Formatting Tool not showing on page

Only on is the post preview below my text always empty, and the formatting tool is not shown at all. However here on it is working just ...
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The zero is an o in comments

In a comment, I wrote: Absolutely 0ms isn't possible with any circuit. Here, in a question, you can see a slight difference between the zero and the o: 0o. But in a comment you can't: 0-10 second ...
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SE network or standardized decimal mark?

This question: Why do many electronics operate on 5 AND 3.3 Volts? (Worded "Why do many electronics operate on 5 AND 3,3 Volts?" in case it gets edited.) Recently reminded me of the frustration of ...
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Italics not working in WYSISYG

In this thread, I gave an answer and attempted to use italics at the end of it but failed; rather, my text shows up with the markup asterisks about it but no formatting. (See for yourself.) Am I ...
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How can I get an 'evaluation at' vertical bar in MathJax? \right| doesn't seem to work, looking for alternatives

I tried to write the following equation on the main site using MathJax: The vertical bar and \$a_2=0\$ indicate that this equation should be evaluated at the point where the related parameter \$a_2\$ ...
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Preventing line breaks before physical units

when typesetting numbers and units, my preferred way is to have a space between them for better readability. For instance, one would typeset 24 V instead of 24V It is actually not only my ...
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Simple online tool to draw circuit diagram / schematics? [duplicate]

I want to ask a quick question, and think a circuit diagram would make it a bit clearer, but I don't have any software for knocking one up, is there a recommended online tool I could use? It only ...
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Code formatting following numbered list breaks

Something was breaking in this question. A code-formatted block follows a numbered list, and the code isn't <pre>-formatted. I'm guessing that it has to do ...
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