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Homework questions, and the Tour guidance

I've just VTC a 'homework with no attempt' question, and another user has added a link to the Tour, perhaps thinking it was helpful. On reading it, it offers no guidance to our policy. These are the ...
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Guidelines for types of questions

I understand that there are different desires for what types of questions this community should be addressing. It is dificult to know when a question does not fit. Is there a guidelines somewhere?
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Acceptability of questions that can be answered in two lines?

Nearly all the questions that I ask on here can be answered by one or two lines, and have sometimes been answered in the comments and are usually due to me using the wrong keywords when trying to find ...
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Editing guidelines

Lately there have been some changes to the suggested edits review system. This now makes it impossible to reject edits as 'too minor' (which, in my opinion, is something terrible, but that's not what ...
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