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Homework questions, and the Tour guidance

I've just VTC a 'homework with no attempt' question, and another user has added a link to the Tour, perhaps thinking it was helpful. On reading it, it offers no guidance to our policy. These are the ...
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Homework from Chegg posted in EE.SE...bots?

I've noticed recently that some really poor questions are being asked by users with usernames that consist of two lowercase characters followed by four digits. For example, here's one from user gc7283:...
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What does the community think about homework answers?

There have been a few users that have continually posted answers to homework questions. This has been discussed here. I think the best course of action is to allow the community to downvote these ...
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Homework answers on demand

Four questions from this person have been answered by the same member and appear to contravene what is said here: - How do I ask and answer homework questions?. In particular, this advice is given: - ...
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What is the Etiquette for Solution Verification of Homework?

I'm wondering what the standard procedure for getting my homework's solution verified by the community is. I was thinking of going through the following steps: Posting the original question. Showing ...
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How do we stop the upvoting of incomplete questions and unattempted homework?

How do we stop the upvoting of unanswerably incomplete questions and unattempted homework? I could list examples, but we've all seen plenty, so that's beside the point.
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Adding a community specific close message for homework

After checking the stats on custom closing messages, homework seems to come up at least 30% to 50% of the time. Because of this, creating a custom closing message would be beneficial. Homework ...
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Are we keeping the right kind of homework questions on the site?

The current de-facto policy we have regarding homework-like questions is to require an attempt at solving the problem by the OP. While this keeps the most blatant cases of laziness out of our question ...
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Similar questions on same topic, mark as duplicate?

This user has asked 3 very similar questions in a short span of time (one of which was an exact duplicate of another older question which I answered). All three questions seem to variations in the ...
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How can I help? Novice in Electrical [closed]

I am learning so much here, but have a ways to go. What are ways that a low rep novice user like myself be of assistance?
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Closing Homework with no attempt as Off-Topic

I find myself all too frequently voting to close a question and having to give a custom reason along the lines of "Homework questions with no attempt at a solution are off-topic". In fact I see a fair ...
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Adding a flag for homework problems

I've noticed quite a few homework problems being posted on EE.SE which makes sense since the semester is just beginning. Its known that these are off-topic, as in we just don't answer them. I'm ...
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Homework/school related questions under the education tag?

There are some pretty interesting questions about electronic theory that come from students asking homework questions, or studding for a test, however I am not sure that they fit under the education ...
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