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I want to bulk-edit a domain change for Rod Elliott's Audio Pages

The excellent Audio Pages by Rod Elliott had to move to a new hosting company, and the URL had to change with the move. Despite 18 years of use, Westhost doesn't value their long-term customers, so ...
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Link in comment not displayed/parsed correctly

I just wrote a comment to an answer and wanted to include a formatted link, but the result was completely broken. The link was formatted 100% according to documentation: Can you fix this?
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Policy on answers only containing a link

What about answers consisting (almost) only of a link to an external website? - or - 'How do I answer' section for the faq Generally, this link from the WordPress SE says that answers just linking to ...
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Clicked link more visible than unclicked one

This is a snapshot of my review page, and the top one is a clicked link while the bottom one is unclicked. You can see how the unclicked one is brighter (probably in line with the color scheme), ...
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Why there is a EE.Sx question on this site?

I was looking for a rail-to-rail OPAMP model for Qucs, in order to help the OP of this question...and one of the links that Google gives is this: it seems to be the copy of that question, with figures ...
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Links to datasheets

From time to time in a question reference is made to some (exotic) component, and the asker often seems to presume that the dingus is known. Which often is a false presumption, resulting in me having ...
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Link contrast in comments on main site needs to be fixed! [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Contrast of hyperlinks We've already had this question and it seems that the problem was solved, but I've noticed that that solution does not include comments. In my opinion,...
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Contrast of hyperlinks

Is it possible to increase the contrast between normal text and hyperlink text? In this example, you can barely tell the difference... the words "Slip Rings" are a hyperlink: It's not obvious until ...
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Inserting link bug

When typing in question: I came across term "half bandgap voltage reference". I expect it is somehow related to ">bandgap circuit. Do you know what it is, know its schematic or principle of operation?...
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Can I shorten links to just the question/answer/user numbers?

According to the Attribution Required description, when referencing SE material, we must: Visually indicate that the content is from Stack Overflow, Meta Stack Overflow, Server Fault, or Super ...
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the problem of answers with links

I'd like to raise a flag. I've seen many answers containing a link to an often very well documented website. However, the idea of SE sites is to aggregate knowledge as a one-stop resource. Links can ...
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