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Bug: MathJax `enclose` environment not behaving as expected even when we write `\require{enclose}`

I am having difficulty using the MathJax plugin on the electrical engineering stack exchange. When I write \require{enclose}, the ...
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Link in comment not displayed/parsed correctly

I just wrote a comment to an answer and wanted to include a formatted link, but the result was completely broken. The link was formatted 100% according to documentation: Can you fix this?
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What to do of the buggy post?

A few days ago, it's been pointed how a post, containing some incompatible form of HTML was having some conflict with the Markdown engine of this site. So a mod suggested to convert the HTML tags in ...
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Chat creates an improper link when there is a ")" in the URL

In chat, someone tried to post a link to wolfram alpha. Specifically*(10%2F(60%20Hz))%2F(3.3%20V)%3D The link showed up in chat like so: ...
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How can I use a URL in a comment?

I want just the text to show up as a link, no URL. I've tried the basic HTML <a href="">Check out this new website I found</a> but it ...
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