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Bug: MathJax `enclose` environment not behaving as expected even when we write `\require{enclose}`

I am having difficulty using the MathJax plugin on the electrical engineering stack exchange. When I write \require{enclose}, the ...
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Preview and Formatting Tool not showing on page

Only on is the post preview below my text always empty, and the formatting tool is not shown at all. However here on it is working just ...
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"Mathjax is not defined" JavaScript error and no toolbar is shown and preview doesn't work

Currently if I try to open and ask a question in Firefox or Chrome the preview won't work. Here's a screenshot: You see, there's no text in the ...
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Javascript Preview and WMD are inconsistent on headings (or WMD has developed telepathy)

The preview shows non-bold text for H2 level headings like ## Overview as shown here: I don't think this stands out well. I thought about changing it, but I ...
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