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Mathjax is the software that takes TeX and shows it in your browser.

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Bug: MathJax `enclose` environment not behaving as expected even when we write `\require{enclose}`

I am having difficulty using the MathJax plugin on the electrical engineering stack exchange. When I write \require{enclose}, the ...
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MathJax in chat

I am always reluctant to move comments to chat, if they contain MathJax, because the chat interface doesn't support it. All math expressions are displayed as plain text, with the \$ delimiters, and no ...
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Test the LaTeX markdown in this sandbox question!

Purpose of question We have \$\LaTeX\$ support through MathJax! Now, instead of writing equations like this: w0 = 1 / sqrt(L * C) we can write: \$\displaystyle \...
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Help page about embedding LaTeX is wrong, needs fixin' is plain wrong, $x$ doesn't work on EE.SE, \$x\$ does (which, honestly, ...
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How did I open the MathJax menu in Safari (on iPhone)

I was viewing a post on my iPhone (in Safari) which had some MathJax equations, and I accidentally clicked on an equation and opened its MathJax menu: Anyone know how I did that? I can’t seem to ...
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Why does our inline syntax for Mathjax different from say, the Math SE?

I noticed that in our Stackexchange, the inline for Mathjax is different from the Math SE or Physics SE. For the Math and Physics SE, the way the inline for their equations for Mathjax equations is: <...
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Please add \( \) to delimiters for inline MathJax

(see also Inline LaTeX doesn't seem to work) I see that this site uses the nonstandard \$ delimiters to MathJax rather than ...
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Moderators migrating questions without fixing MathJAX

A question I've answered has been migrated to Mechanics by Matt Young, PeterJ, nidhin and Nick Alexeev. Mechanics doesn't support MathJAX so my answer is semi-banjaxed now. Can the moderators ...
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Increase default size of equations to allow subscripts to be seen easily without zoom

Between fractions and subscripts using MathJax characters can get really small to the point of not being legible under the current default zoom conditions. From here it was recommended that I see if ...
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Suggestions on how to render a K map?

I would like to render a K map to supplement my answers to questions, but I'm not quite skilled enough with mathjax to figure out how to do it, and I can't find any online resources to generate one. ...
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Incorrect example in editing-help page

Both and have incorrect mathjax syntax in the example given. It is ...
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MathML support for strikethrough

Some MathML / MathJax sites have support for strikethrough enabled: ...
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Math rendering with Firefox 16.0.2

I'm noticing some differences between how the math is getting rendered in edit mode vs. after the edit is done. Case in point: In edit mode, the rendering looks fine. Look what happens after I save ...
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Inline LaTeX doesn't seem to work

Has anyone been able to make the inline LaTeX equation delimiter work?? I pulled the following example right from the advanced editing help example, and the LaTeX just won't happen! The Gamma ...
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"Mathjax is not defined" JavaScript error and no toolbar is shown and preview doesn't work

Currently if I try to open and ask a question in Firefox or Chrome the preview won't work. Here's a screenshot: You see, there's no text in the ...
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How can I get an 'evaluation at' vertical bar in MathJax? \right| doesn't seem to work, looking for alternatives

I tried to write the following equation on the main site using MathJax: The vertical bar and \$a_2=0\$ indicate that this equation should be evaluated at the point where the related parameter \$a_2\$ ...
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MathJax hotkeys script for Chrome and Firefox+Greasemonkey

Tired of all the dollar and backslash typing? Annoyed of seeing italic units? This may be THE END OF ALL YOUR PROBLEMS! Manishearth INC.\$^{\mathrm{TM}}\$ has created this fantastic script which will ...
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ASCIIMath support, to help people with units

MathJax just added ASCIIMath support, and I think it'd be great to support it as an option, alongside regular \$\LaTeX\$-based MathJax. In many posts (such as this one) people forget to or are too ...
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Issue/bug with inline mathjax equations

\$ V^{+}_{DUT}=0 \$ \$ V^{-}_{DUT}=Vout_{Servo}*\frac{50}{50k+50} \$ I think there is an issue with the mathjax escape detection. As you can see, (at least for me), the first line renders correctly, ...
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