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negative questions

I only try to help. Some questions are marked with minus. If I try to answer I get negative reputation or so it seems. As a teacher I have great respect for students' difficulties. One such student ...
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What is expected of members of EE.SE?

I am a newcomer to EE.SE and have asked and answered a few questions here over the past few months. I read nearly daily via my phone. I would like to contribute as much as possible since I gain so ...
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Is electronics.stackexchange restricted to questions about design?

Another reason for closing this question is that it has nothing whatsoever to do with electronic design! – Leon Heller May 30 at 15:29 See the Help. It is intended for design questions: ...
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TeX markdown needed on Meta

As seen in the recent sandbox question, TeX markdown isn't enabled on Meta. It should be. It's needed for the sandbox, and we're likely to have questions on how to do something in TeX, TeX bug ...
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Is Electronics and Robotics the best StackExchange for asking about building wiring to power my 220 volt IBM Server?

I'm trying to figure out which StackExchange is best for me to ask detailed questions about 220 volt wiring from the fusebox to my IBM Server. The Electronics StackExchange appears to be the best ...
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Seeding E&R with some high level electronics questions

While I don't have anything against the hobbyist culture, I feel that if E&R has to become a center of knowledge we will have to start ask and answer hard questions. High level theoretical topics ...
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Should meta questions from the previous site(s) be moved here? [Closing] [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What should we do with the questions tagged as “meta” On SE 1.0, there was no meta. page; instead, Chiphacker and EE 1.0 used a [meta] tag. There are 15 such ...
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What should we do with the questions tagged as "meta"

There are 15 questions tagged as meta. What should we do with them?
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[Meta]What part of the world are you from? [closed]

The chiphacker community has grown to a appreciable size. It would be nice to know what parts of the world we all come from. I am from Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India. Where do you come from. EDIT: Country ...
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What about Electronics and Robotics in Area51?

There's another similar website in Area51 called Electronics and Robotics for with a purpose similar to ChipHacker's. What kind of questions are on Chiphacker? From the FAQ, "Electronics & ...