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Are pure C questions on-topic?

I asked C coding design - function pointers? on which EJP commented it's off-topic and/because it belongs on SO. Kortuk says no: @EJP I disagree. Just because there is an overlap does not mean it ...
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Are power electrical engineering questions on topic for EE.SE? If so, should this be made explicit in the FAQ and other places?

Are (power) electrical engineering questions on topic for EE.SE? If so, should the wording of in the "On-topic" FAQ and other places be changed to reflect this? The community acceptance of questions ...
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Lego Mindstorms Robotics On Topic?

I'm in the process of evaluating proposals that have entered Commitment. Specifically, I was looking at this propsal: Area 51: Lego Mindstorms Robotics Lego Mindstorms Robotics Proposed Q&...
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Would questions about peripherals asking in user perspective be on-topic?

As a normal user, sometimes my peripherals don't work as expected. Here is the question I want to ask: I have a PS3 controller, but my computer doesn't recognize it when plugged in for the first ...
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Do PIC24, PIC32 Questions Belong here?

Is this section of Stack Exchange the right place for my question which is possibly hardware; possibly software; possibly some interplay between them ? My current problem has been asked over on the ...
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Are questions on working with PLC programming software on-topic here?

I am an industrial controls engineer. I work with PLC hardware and software. I am wondering if questions about PLC programming software are on-topic here. For example, I was thinking about asking ...
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12 votes
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Are software usage questions on-topic if they belong to a logic analyzer?

I have a question regarding the usage of the PC-based software that is delivered with a Logic Analyzer. I see that some software questions seem to be on-topic already, e.g. PLC software, CAD software ...
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Put close reasons on the help page

As stated in these comments on Would questions about peripherals asking in user perspective be on-topic?, these close reasons are currently not in the help page. Presumably that they are frequent ...
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Homework answers on demand

Four questions from this person have been answered by the same member and appear to contravene what is said here: - How do I ask and answer homework questions?. In particular, this advice is given: - ...
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May I ask questions about industrial power system design?

The site title reads "Electrical Engineering", but the URL says "Electronics". I'm confused. IEEE distinguishes between the types by saying It is designed to serve professionals involved in all ...
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Canonical parts-shortage question?

Update: this question is now posted. Parts shortage, no stock, what now? (canonical reference question) inspired by Source microcontrollers in this difficult times Questions about where to buy parts ...
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Are questions related to electronics testing and manufacturing appropriate?

The title of this stackexchange is "electrical engineering." That is fairly broad. The faq emphasizes "electronic design." That is fairly narrow. There are a lot more facets to electrical engineering ...
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Why a question on LTspice settings is not "on-topic"?

I really cannot understand why this question about LTspice settings was abruptly downvoted and, moreover, closed in almost no time. OK, it wasn't the best question one could expect, but it was ...
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