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Most questions about reputation aren't specific to the electronics site. Ask on instead. But search there first; the question may have already been asked and answered.

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Reputation changes

I think I've asked this before, but don't remember the answer. My reputation dropped 10 points today. IIRC, that is because someone who contributed to my total in the past no longer is on the forum, ...
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2 answers

Accepting an answer based on the reputation of its sender/poster

First of all, if this is already asked or mentioned somewhere in EE.SE Meta please forgive me, and notify me with the original link so that I can delete this. This is one really strange and, sort of ...
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Discrepancy between rep on summary tab and reputation tab

I received an accept on an answer to a question that is closed today. The summary tab says +25 for that accept, the reputation tab says +15 for the accept. I assume that the +15 is right since I was ...
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How can I help? Novice in Electrical [closed]

I am learning so much here, but have a ways to go. What are ways that a low rep novice user like myself be of assistance?
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Low quality question tag?

This is a duplicate, but answers may very do to each individual SE policy. I have a positive reputation in science and math there are negatives. I thought I was OK but now I cannot ask questions or ...
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I downvoted an answer today and that downvote shows to have deducted my reputation by 1. Why?

Funny. Though it hurts a lil. :D
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Points for the first and second answerer

How would it be if the first and second user who answers a question would gain reputation for being one of the first volunteers? Why implement this feature? It can be a reward for loyal people,for ...
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1 answer

users below 50 rep can still comment OP

I noticed that although when I directly click "comment" under someone else's question I get reminded that my reputation is not high enough yet, if I answer a very short answer it gets converted as a ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to keep rep from being awarded?

Is it possible/are there tools and opportunities available which can be used to delete awarded rep prior to its being credited to an answer and posted?
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1 answer

Reputation change for removed questions

Since I havn't experienced this, I want to ask it beforehand. If a question receives a number of down votes causing the asker to lose reputation, and then is deleted, will the reputation be restored ...
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2 answers

What happens to reputation gained during suspension?

There's this infamous user whose account is suspended for the next 3 years still, so his reputation shows as "1". I was wondering about 2 things: Does he get his old reputation back when suspension ...
10 votes
3 answers

Flaw in reputation on questions

I noticed the following flaw in the reputation you get on questions: when a new user (rep 1) asks a question and gets 5 downvotes and then 1 upvote he has 5 rep, but when he gets the upvote first and ...
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1 answer

Can people lose reputation?

Lets say someone works hard and asks on-topic questions to gain a high reputation, then when they achieve that, they troll around the whole site. Can they lose reputation because of this?
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1 answer

Rep capped at 190 instead of 200

I noticed that my daily rep counter got stuck at 190 instead of the usual 200 cap. I still get upvotes, but no rep. I tagged it as a bug, but maybe there's another explanation.
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Why do I get only +2 for an upvote?

I'm shocked :-) While an upvote for an answer usually is awarded with 10 points, for one answer I only got +2. Why is that?
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1 answer

What happened to the old reputation graph?

Awhile back the reputation used to be displayed by a line graph, not its a bar graph does the old reputation graph exist? Or has it been superseded?
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1 answer

What happened to my Chiphacker reputation?

It was in excess of 900 when Chiphacker was still Chiphacker; now it's only 808.