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EE Design Review Site?

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but would this community be amenable to an EE design review StackExchange site, similar to the StackExchange CodeReview site? I think it would be a ...
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Poor reviewing of Suggested Edits

I find consistently poor reviews in the Suggested Edits queue, by a given reviewer. I recently voted to reject a particularly unnecessary/harmful edit, and found that it was voted for approval by the ...
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"doesn't make the post even a bit easier to read" feedback problem

I've a problem in understanding the feedback I get, mostly from one specific reviewer (although it's not limited to him per se); I got "This edit does not make the post even a little bit easier to ...
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Review of close votes has become a bottleneck. Call to action

Folks I’d like to bring to your attention the growing size of our close review queue. This is a large number, considering that the size of the review queue was 10-20 questions as recently as last ...
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Reviewing editors who rewrite with personal suggestions/interpretation

What is the proper thing to do when you consistently encounter a user submitting edits that add value (correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting) but occasionally and consistently apply ...
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Should I be removing "Thanks!"?

Occasionally, I see a question on the main site that ends in Thanks! or Thanks for any help that you can give. or Thanks in advance. or one of the million other ways to write an insincere, ...
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My rude/offensive flags on insulting comments were declined

A new user asked a question, found out the answer, and took the time and effort to inform us about that and even make his solution clear with a diagram: Arduino IR Receiver (Answer). Now, he used ...
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Poor abused Arduino tag

I'm taking on a background mission of deleting inappropriate arduino tags as they come in, like in How to switch a Bluetooth module with a P-Channel MOSFET high-side switch?, which has absolutely ...
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Editing guidelines

Lately there have been some changes to the suggested edits review system. This now makes it impossible to reject edits as 'too minor' (which, in my opinion, is something terrible, but that's not what ...
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