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Found a weird user giving out SE account details

I have posted a question and found myself surprised about a comment. (Check last comment to the posted question, the comment by the user who is called "asdf"). "asdf" is most probably a bot, and is ...
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2 answers

Possible robot user?

There seems to be a user that I keep noticing answering questions with answers that are generally related to the question but only in the vaguest sense rather than specifically addressing the question ...
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1 answer

Should this be considered as spam?

These two answers (from the same person) clearly promote pcbgogo, and the author is clearly affiliated (when you look at the profile, but it is not explicit when you read the answers). But it somewhat ...
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Users with little reputation supplying poor answers [duplicate]

Maybe it's just me, but over the last few days, I've been noticing a lot of users with anywhere from 1-10 reputation answering questions with terrible answers. Some of them almost seem like a poorly ...
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Proposed change: automatic suspension/review of users who spam

Last night, while the mods were getting some much-needed rest, a new user started posting advertizements for a blog. The community moderation worked, with many of the posts were marked as SPAM. ...
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Faster action on spam

Don't get me wrong: I appreciate how quickly and efficiently moderators react to spam, but they can't be everywhere at the same time. And though unlikely, I even hear some of them have a life as well :...
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9 votes
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Please flag spam!

We've had a rash of spam today. It's not lasted long, but the spammers have been diligent and we've had to destroy a dozen or more posts and three separate accounts (the 'community' bumps on the ...
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Shouldn't spammers user accounts be deleted?

This answer was reported as spam, and also got deleted (you must have at least 10,000 reputation to see deleted answers), but the poster's user account still exist. Shouldn't that be deleted as well?
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2 answers

How do we avoid spam recidivism?

Recently a new user's account had to be deleted after he spammed the site three times in a few minutes. Do we have measures to avoid that he creates a new account and repeats this? Like for instance a ...
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