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Is there a problem with CircuitLab "Save and Insert" today?

Is anyone else having trouble with CircuitLab for the last 24 hours? I can't save any schematics. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10 but checked with FF and Edge. I thought yesterday's maintenance ...
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Code Block Formatting indentation

In the Edit window there are obviously spaces in this question. Why are the indentations ignored in the rendering of the code block?
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2 answers

Can't flag answer for "other" reason

I can't seem to create moderator attention flags when the reason is "other" and which therefore means I need to enter some text. As far as I can tell, I have checked the right box and entered the ...
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lang-none specifier only works in preview

This question uses an ASCII diagram and has the verilog tag. To avoid syntax highlighting, I used the <!-- language: lang-none --> directive. Per the SO ...
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Mathjax problem

This just popped up when I loaded the main page: I know the site uses a script on the "public" server or have they downgraded to a stable version due to other problems.
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I just asked a question, but it hasn't appeared on the list.

I just asked this question: GND difference between CAN nodes? but it hasn't appeared on the list of questions, even after 25 minutes. Nor does it appear if I search for its tags. However it is listed ...
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Does anyone else experience a lag while typing

I am experiencing a very long lag while typing at my normal speed, also the site responds very slowly to things like mouse over and clicks. I am on FF 3.5 and puppy linux (it used to work with the ...
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