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At times I am unable to see the name of the person I am tagging but then I just type his name. Is he/she actually getting tagged?

I had this doubt from the start. When I try to tag some people in my comment , their name is suggested to me on the top left. But occasionally this is not the case, they dont get suggested. And in ...
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Low quality question tag?

This is a duplicate, but answers may very do to each individual SE policy. I have a positive reputation in science and math there are negatives. I thought I was OK but now I cannot ask questions or ...
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Providing question context in tags

I am wondering whether tags can legitimately be used to provide context to a question, or if they should be there only to classify the questions and ease searching. As an example, there has been this ...
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Adding a tag is moving a bunch of similar questions to the top of the "Active list" Is this desired behavior?

About an hour ago user Paebbels went on on a tagging spree for "Lattice" (The PLD manufacturer) so of the "TOP QUESTIONS" about half are about Lattice parts, this seems undesirable because a small ...
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Retagging questions

As I understand it tags will be removed after some time if they're only used for one question. This question remained untagged when some tags were deleted. I wanted to retag, but the only tag I could ...
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How can I possibly know if a tag is deprecated or not?

How can I possibly know if a tag is deprecated or not? I see several people at "electrical engineering meta" mention that some tag or another is now deprecated. I can't seem to figure out which tags ...
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How can I suggest new tags?

Hi all, I am not still have enough privileges to create new tags in this not meta site. Is there any way to suggest new tags to anyone who have enough privileges? The new tags I suggest are: floating ...
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Should [robotics] and [electronics] tags be used?

Is it a good idea to tag questions with [robotics] or [electronics]? Or should only the [robotics] tag be used, and all other questions assumed to be electronics? Or should we adopt a system like on ...
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