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Is there a site problem with uploading images to answers (same problem as before)?

I (still) can't seem to be able to upload images in the way I have done so normally over the last ten years or so. I have to take a much more protracted route that looks (to me) like a site bug (...
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Is there a site problem with uploading images to answers?

I can't seem to be able to upload images. I get this message: - An error occurred when uploading the image: It also happened yesterday but, it seemed to be fixed about 0930 this morning. But, it's ...
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Image upload filename problems

StackExchange's image upload tool is very handy, and I especially like that you can just give it a url to get an image that's already on the internet. But there's a problem when trying to get png ...
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Improving badly-lit photographs of paper taken with a cellphone

A lot of questions include photographs of writing on paper (equations, diagrams, etc.) that were hastily taken in poor and/or uneven lighting. Is there a straightforward way to improve them?
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Option to make uploaded image into a link to itself

On this site we often have images of schematics or PCBs etc. that are relatively high in resolution. Using the standard way of embedding an image in the post reduces the image size to something that ...
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Should we have a standardized PDF upload service/location?

On the Image Uploader: It's common knowledge that we have an image uploader (see the original request, the community FAQ, and the blog post). When someone uploads an image to another location and ...
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What's the proper way to upload images?

I know how to add an image to an answer, and how to upload it. But sometimes I want to link to an image in a comment, and I'm not sure how to upload images then. Here's what I do now: I start editing ...
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