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Important user activity information has been removed

I apologize if this has been already answered. I did a search for this a few minutes ago but found nothing. It appears that there have been recent changes to the user activity page and now, I am no ...
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I give up, what do the score stats mean?

OK so once you get to a certain rep you get to see these numbers. Help is useless. Anyone know what they mean?
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Found a weird user giving out SE account details

I have posted a question and found myself surprised about a comment. (Check last comment to the posted question, the comment by the user who is called "asdf"). "asdf" is most probably a bot, and is ...
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2 answers

Searching a deleted user's answers

Currently, when a user deletes his account his answers are preserved and show up with an anonymous username like "user3624". But as tcrosley points out you can't search for that user in the user tab, ...
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2 answers

Unique user names?

Apparently user names don't have to be unique, see the comments to this answer. Was this a good idea? In the comments I mentioned it's only clear which Mark is which because one is the OP and hence ...
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What happened to the user reemrevnivek?

There once was a user named reemrevnivek. He had been here since the Chiphacker days. In fact, he was recently elected moderator. Few people could understand the meaning behind his username. ...
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Account merge request

Please merge my old Electronics.StackExchange account with my account here.
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Will old user accounts be merged with SE 2.0 accounts?

I think several people had SE1.0 chiphacker accounts and SE2.0 accounts. Will they be merged? What if they were not merged? My chiphacker account and SE2.0 account used the same openid, but they ...
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