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Circuit editor missing from Ask Question page?

Have we lost the Circuitlab circuit editor feature? I started asking a question this morning, and the button appears to be missing from the editor. Maybe it is down for maintenance or such?
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Low answer acceptance rate?

Why is the rate for accepting answers on SE:EE so low, compared with other SE sites? How could users be more encouraged to hit the button and therefore help others know which answer was really ...
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1 answer

Tag for User Interface

I would like to propose a tag for "User Interface". While interfacing with a digital equipment user / developer has following UI components: Buttons Potentiometer LCD (txt and graphics) LEDs Rotary ...
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Reviewing and flagging answers causes the forum software to automatically add a comment impersonating me?

I have been using the various content-review options, and trying to flag things as appropriate. However, I got a response to a comment on a answer where I never left a comment! It seems that if I ...
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