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You seem to have done a decent job writing the question, so I just went and upvoted it. However, I'm not going to answer it because, basically, it would be too much work. After a quick glance, this isn't the kind of question where I can get away with reading a headline, scanning for a obvious stupidity, then writing a simple answer. It looks like I'd have ...


Thank you for posting your design for review (+1 over there). You've done a thorough job. Not a lot of people are in the position to review that and do it justice, I suspect.


The first observation I'd make is that this affects the whole Stack Exchange model, and would be better discussed on the global meta. More to the point, I don't like this idea much. I start from the fact that SE in general is more about creating reference content (somehow like a wiki) than just answering the questioner. Therefore, paying to get attention ...


Check Help Center > Reputation & Moderation for an explanation about bounties. Most important for you is that you need at least 50 rep to spend on a bounty.


As others have stated, your question is simply too complex. As a volunteer, seeing something as complete as that it tends to put me off. I could spend all day analysing and simulating parts of it but that really is way too much time for this hobby pastime. Moreover, without being able to sit down with it hooked up to a scope on the bench, a lot of anything ...


I'm far from an expert in this specific field of electronics, but I may have a few clues on why it hasn't been answered: This isn't straightforward electronics. So it excludes a lot of people (like me) who aren't comfortable with relatively high-frequency black magic analog electronics. Answering your question requires to 100% understand your design, your ...

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