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An illegal dyad as a teaching paradigm?

You have already been told that we (mods) have been drafting something for discussion here on Meta regarding this. Your claims about electronics terminology breaking the law, are interesting but ...
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Kill Yourself Tag

Tags are used to describe the topic of the question (see help center): A tag is a word or phrase that describes the topic of the question. Tags are a means of connecting experts with questions ...
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An illegal dyad as a teaching paradigm?

If we are to discuss the use of master/slave terminology, we should address it because some people consider it inflammatory language, racially insensitive, or simply that it makes them feel bad in ...
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Questions, Answers and Ethics

If you feel that you have some ethical or moral obligation not to answer a question, then don't. If you want to stop others from answering, you can cast a vote to close the question. Then let the ...
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Electronics circuit reverse engineering and proprietary rights

There are a lot of ways this type of question can go wrong. I think it needs to meet these qualifications: The schematic must be clearly drawn. When tracing the connections on a board, the first ...
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