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Some MathJax frequently used here: Equation in-line: \$123\$ \$\rightarrow\$ \$123\$ Equation centered on a separate line: $$123$$ \$\rightarrow\$ $$123$$ Fractions: 1/2 \$\rightarrow\$ \$\frac{1}{2}\$ \$\rightarrow\$ \$\frac{1}{2}\$ Bigger fractions: 1/2 \$\rightarrow\$ \$\dfrac{1}{2}\$ \$\rightarrow\$ \$\dfrac{1}{2}\$ Something enclosed by full ...


If you know you're going to need a lot of subscripts, you can dictate a font size in your MathJax equation. From your post, you had an equation with two levels of subscripts, which is pretty much illegible at normal settings: $$ \frac{V_{t_p}}{V_{t_n}} $$ However, you can add size modification tags to your equation to help make it legible. For example, I ...


Sadly there is no siunitx support, so to get the units right, it gets a bit clumsy like this: 3 V \$\rightarrow\$ 3~\text{V} \$\rightarrow\$ \$3~\text{V}\$ The ~ is there to generate the space and as units are written upright and not in italics we need to use \text{unit} As Massimo Ortolando suggests using \, typesets a smaller space, which is used in the ...


Relevant Post: TeX Delimiters should be changed Basically, the initial SE implementation of MathJax decided to use the $ ... $ syntax despite the following notice in the documentation: Note in particular that the $...$ in-line delimiters are not used by default. That is because dollar signs appear too often in non-mathematical settings, which could cause ...


MathJax resources on the other stackexchange sites: meta.SE: Which Sites Use MathJax -- Which Stack Exchange sites use MathJax? meta.SE: questions tagged MathJax -- math.SE: MathJax basic tutorial and quick reference --


Matrices: $$G_{\text{MNA}} = \begin{bmatrix} g_1 & -g_1 & \cdots \\ -g_1 & g_1 & \cdots \\ \vdots & \vdots & \ddots \end{bmatrix}$$ $$G_{\text{MNA}} = \begin{bmatrix} g_1 & -g_1 & \cdots \\ -g_1 & g_1 & \cdots \\ \vdots & \vdots & \ddots \end{bmatrix}$$ Cases: $$I_\text{LED} = \begin{cases} (V - V_F) / R;&...


To open the contextual menu on a mobile device, use "double-tap-and-hold", which is a tap followed quickly by a second (long) tap where you continue to hold down until the menu opens.


Thank you for raising the issue, I see it's been escalated and I hope the help will be fixed. As per why we use the escaped dollar sign, here's the explanation.

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