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Was I wrong flagging this as not an answer?

Just because a moderator does not ultimately affirm a flag, it does not mean that you shouldn't have raised it. In this case, I reviewed the flag, and decided that the fact that it was a self-answer ...
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Flag as not an "Answer" when "Question" does not contain a question

Re: Flag or not an "Answer" when "Question" does not contain a question Summary: I think the part about the question is the primary issue in that situation. Unclear (vague, ...
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What to do with answers that answer a different question than the one actually asked?

In this case, the answer was pure plagiarism, and got deleted altogether. If it is clear that the answerer misunderstood the question, then it should be flagged as "not an answer". But understand ...
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Handling users who persistently try to use EESE as a blog or discussion forum

Blogging or many multiple edits is behavior that is not condoned, the users should be educated and given a period of time to correct their behavior. SE is currently focusing on retaining new users and ...
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Flag as not an "Answer" when "Question" does not contain a question

In the general case you describe, you should not flag it as "not an answer". According to How do I properly use the "Not an Answer" flag?: Do not use this flag when: The user ...
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