Although there isn't a clear pre-written close reason, requests for off-site info are almost always downvoted and/or closed here, and 'answers' which do little more than direct you to an external URL are dealt with similarly. In addition, the question you refer to is simply not about electronics, or even engineering of any sort - it's about 'where can I ...


The problem with your concept of "generosity" is that it favors a single person who hasn't written a good question at the expense of all the volunteers here who look for good questions to answer and spend time answering them. To be generous to the volunteers, bad questions must be closed quickly. In some cases the OP may come back, address some of the ...


IF the question is improved (edited), it can be reopened. If the OP shows no interest in doing that, then closing it early is best.

Only top voted, non community-wiki answers of a minimum length are eligible