That's how much score (upvotes) remain and how many questions you need to answer until you get that tag badge (bronze badge for circuit-analysis in your case). You have 97 upvotes out of 100 required. You have answered 32 questions, while 20 is required.


It is indeed strange that after making the user "anonymous," all their old posts are under the same name. So we know the same person wrote multiple posts. Yet despite this, you cannot browse a list this user's other posts like we can with other users. Fear not, there are a couple workarounds to this problem: 1. Use Google search user3624 site:electronics....


"But he has asked for the account to be annonymized." Making the site searchable for "user:3624" doesn't conflict with that. His name will still not be shown. Making a dummy account with the name "user3624", like Federico Russo suggests, will allow you to access a list of "user3624"'s answers, whoever that is. It would be just as anonymous as it shows now ...

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