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Possible robot user?

I'm new as well, and have sometimes felt that the community was a bit hostile. His answers look well intended. Perhaps you could put some faith in that the up/down vote system will promote quality ...
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What happened to Hoagie?

I know it's usually policy not to discuss specifics of bans Correct. The more details we give of any suspension, the harder it can be for other site members to view that person in the same way, if ...
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6 votes

Possible robot user?

No, he isn't a robot; just a new user who has a very mistaken idea about how this site works.
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Important user activity information has been removed

There isn't much you can do if SE makes a change like this. They have probably had issues with people misusing the stats or complaints about lack of privacy, but who knows. I don't like the UI, I ...
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Are OPs hiding facts/obfuscating/telling lies to hide their "inventions"?

Your "question" reads more like a rant, but on the off chance you are really asking, I'll try to answer or at least comment. But badly formulated and/or unclear problems get considerably less ...
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4 votes

Low answer acceptance rate?

I made a few statistics using DataExplorer on the main SE sites, and a few others sites taken randomly (from the ones I visit from time to time): ...
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What happened to Hoagie?

The account is temporarily suspended for rule violations.
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Is there a way to ignore specific user's questions?

I'm fairly sure that such a feature does not exist, and I'm fairly sure I wouldn't want to see one. The fact that you (especially as a high-rep user) get annoyed by these questions and bickering is ...
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