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Change the font of the site

For some reason, Electrical Engineering has a different font compared to the other SO sites. It appears to be Times New Roman or something similar: a font suitable for letters, books and fiction. Is ...
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Why was this question about desoldering a power jack migrated?

I saw this interesting question https://superuser.com/q/1046262 about desoldering a power jack, but was surprised to see it on Superuser.SE rather than on Electronics.SE. Further investigation showed ...
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Newbies virtual corner

As many of you know there are a lot of peoples who come on this board because they've just discovered electronics. They usually found out this or that online tool that allows them to draw a circuit in ...
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The New Robotics Site has just launched!

For those who are still interested in Robotics I'm happy to announce that the Robotics Stack Exchange site went into public beta on the 7th November 2012. Although many Area 51 proposals related to ...
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This question should not have been migrated!

I don't know why but sometimes I have seen question like this being migrated the Arduino because they have the Arduino tag and has nothing to do it. This is actually a very poor question and should ...
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Where is Electropus?

Will he ever return or is this decor permanent? Is Electropus under the same community license as the rest of chiphacker?
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Feature Request: Notifications for question answers

I often come across interesting new questions which don't have any answers yet. To further my knowledge, I would like to revisit these questions when they do have answers. I would absolutely love it ...
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Should the [operational] tag be made a synonym of the [operational-amplifier] tag?

The operational tag often appears on questions about op amps. In many cases questions would be tagged with both operational and amplifier instead of the single, correct operational-amplifier (at least,...
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Should we blacklist the [constant] tag?

Quite a few questions that are about constant voltage or constant current sources are often incorrectly tagged with constant and either voltage or current. We already have constant-current (and ...
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Can Processor and Microprocessor tag be merged?

processor and microprocessor are 2 different tags. Should they be merged since these terms are often used interchangeably?
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Unfair Use Of Moderator Tools The Sequal

OK so, since when is a moderator’s judgement of whether an answer is right or wrong, a reason to delete it? In this answer, https://electronics.stackexchange.com/a/342672/139766, the moderator ...
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“needs more focus”: Significantly different from former “too broad” close reason

The question I am planning to start manufacturing of smart locks and smart bulb that are integrated with tuya application. How should I make a circuit? was pretty rightfully (imho, but I think ...
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Remove the default Opamp type from schematic editor

When adding an Opamp to a circuit, you'll get a TL081: That's not a sane default. A sane default for most questions, that wind around "theoretical" opamps would be "no type"; anything else will just ...
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Remove generic tags: [loop], [controller]

The tags loop and controller are both common English words that have not been used in any particular consistent fashion. (controller even has a description saying not to use it.) I went through both ...
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Should the [brushed-dc] tag be renamed to something more meaningful?

I just stumbled upon the brushed-dc tag which is attached to 5 questions about brushed dc-motors. The tag has no description and in itself is a bit obscure, especially for beginners. I think it ...

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