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Do PIC24, PIC32 Questions Belong here?
14 votes

Generally speaking, yes. Embedded systems questions tend to go over very poorly on SO in terms of quality/number of answers. See also: Are pure C questions on topic? How much software is on topic?

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PCB review questions: acceptable? Separate SE site?
12 votes

As long as it's not, as Olin said, "dumping the layout on us", it should be fine. The example you gave isn't that bad because it's at least asking about a specific thing about their layout, although a ...

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Was my real-time programmering question off-topic?
3 votes

If people are going to vote to close this as off-topic, they really should head over to Area 51 and back the new Embedded Programming and Design proposal. Embedded systems programming questions that ...

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I asked the wrong question and got the right answer. What now?
0 votes

Keep in mind that the primary interface to StackExchange questions is Google. Given that you've accepted Dave Tweed's answer, if I were to Google search for the original question you asked and the ...

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